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【予約販売SALE】デトックスオイル NAGOMI DE+ ラッピング無料 - Nagomi Life onlinestore
【予約販売SALE】デトックスオイル NAGOMI DE+ ラッピング無料 - Nagomi Life onlinestore
【予約販売SALE】デトックスオイル NAGOMI DE+ ラッピング無料 - Nagomi Life onlinestore
【予約販売SALE】デトックスオイル NAGOMI DE+ ラッピング無料 - Nagomi Life onlinestore
[Detox] Massage oil NAGOMI DE + 2 types of wrapping to choose from
[Detox] Massage oil NAGOMI DE + 2 types of wrapping to choose from
[Detox] Massage oil NAGOMI DE + 2 types of wrapping to choose from
[Detox] Massage oil NAGOMI DE + 2 types of wrapping to choose from
[Detox] Massage oil NAGOMI DE + 2 types of wrapping to choose from
[Detox] Massage oil NAGOMI DE + 2 types of wrapping to choose from

[Detox] Massage oil NAGOMI DE + 2 types of wrapping to choose from

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Detox massage oil。

A scent that balances the inside and outside of the body The time to massage while wearing a scent is also useful for mental careす。

In the dry and itchy season, you will run out of sebum. It is effective to apply a small amount lightly to form a film on your skin.的。

Base oils are jojoba oil and apricot oil。

Reward to myself。

To accompany the shape up。


【Jojoba oil】

Ingredients close to sebum

Rich in palmitoleic acid, which is effective against wrinkles and sagging

The finest carrier oil


【Apricot kernel oil】

Apricot oil

Softens the skin and is rich in nutrientsか

【Essential oil】

5 best carefully selected types



It feels like a rose with the female hormones that many women love.る



Approach to muscle fatigue stiffnessチ

Clean scent

It gives a deep scent by blending.


●Juniper berries

It is said to drain excess water

A classic essential oil as a detox blend




Helps reduce swelling



A juicy scent that feels even fresher than orange

It also encourages relaxation


It is a scent that has excellent efficacy and a good scent, and each has a well-balanced synergistic effect and makes you feel happy.りです

If you have sensitive skin, you can use it safely on your face by mixing it with your own oil and diluting it.

For those who purchase as a giftmessage cardPlease order the contents of the message together
If you don't want it, you will get a thank you or For You card.属します

【Recommended usage】

After taking a bath, moisturize the basic makeup of the face and then take massage oil on the palm for about 100 yen coins.ります
I will massage the part of the body that is worrisome from bottom to top toward the heartます

Essential oil components penetrate through the skin and nose
You can feel the effect just by applying it gently

You may use your fist to approach the muscles where there is stiffness.

【Swelling of legs】

There are lymph nodes in the joints from the ankle to the knee and from above the knee to the inguinal region, so do it slowly with the image of flushing waste products there.す

Feel the scent and relax。


【Swelling of the face and lift up】

Gently flush the neck from under the ear towards the sternocleidomastoid clavicleます

In addition, the décolletage flows under the clavicle to the axilla.ます

At the end, it ends with the image of wrapping your face with the oil left in your hands to warm your face and covering your skin while feeling the scent.

You can gently apply the oil left on your hands after caring for your body to your face and hair.よ


If you do not understand, we will advise you at the actual store

Feel free to contact us


【Estimated amount of use】
23ml used for leg massagel。
About 30 times in a bottle。
Even if you use it on your whole body, it will feel much cheaper than the aroma treatment at the salon for 15 times.う。
The amount of oil used in the salon is about 25 ml。

For those who come to the salonIt's good to receive a reward aroma from time to time while continuing home care.。

After massaging your whole body, drink plenty of water, spend time slowly and get a lot of sleep.い。


Recommended for night care as it easily penetrates。

Not to mention the dry winter。

It is also recommended for the changing seasons when your skin gets rough and you are apt to get sick even in the summer when you are worried about damage due to sunburn.す。


It is a natural oil taken from plants, so please use it as soon as possible after opening.い。

The red ball used for wrapping is a naturally dyed lava stone called labastone.す。
It can be soaked with aroma, so please reuse it for accessories and charms.。
Although it is threaded through a thin red string, it is a rubber string so you can wear a scent such as hair elastic.。
If the stone is soaked with the aroma stock solution, the part that comes into direct contact with the skin may get irritated, so be careful when applying it to your arm.。
Since it is a natural product, it does not soak in as well as the aroma stone, so please enjoy it with a slight scent.い。

Lava stone Labastone is said to be a gemstone that solidifies the bond born from lava.ます。
It is a stone created by the cooling and solidification of lava ejected from a volcano, and has a very strong natural energy, and is said to be particularly effective in deepening the bonds between humans.れています。



Every drop from the plant is a precious oil。

You can feel happy just by applying a little to the daily care that you can't come to the salon。

Please use it for the whole body as a reward for your body and mind when you are tired.。


I hope you can take in the power and efficacy of fresh plants and stay alive.。


Body Massage Oil De+
Capacity 100mL / Made in Japan
〈All ingredients apricot kernel oil jojoba seed oil mandarin orange peel oil sweet scented gecko oil oil scented ginger fruit oil rosemary leaf oil Italian itosugi leaf / fruit / stem oilギ葉/実/茎油
〈Precautions Please use carefully to see if there are any abnormalities on your skin. If it does not suit your skin, discontinue use. Store away from direct sunlight and high temperature, low temperature and humidity, and use as soon as possible after opening.にご使用ください。
〈Publisher Nagomi Sakuradai Nagomi Aroma Lifee
It is a cosmetics application product。