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【マッサー着】ルームウエア上下セット - Nagomi Life onlinestore
【マッサー着】ルームウエア上下セット - Nagomi Life onlinestore
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, モデル着用サイズ;身長175㎝男性XL、身長170cm女性L
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, サイズ表示は数字にしてあるのでお客様にも失礼がありません
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 【マッサー着】ルームウエア上下セット - Nagomi Life onlinestore
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 【マッサー着】ルームウエア上下セット - Nagomi Life onlinestore

[Masser wear] Room wear without pockets Top and bottom set Change of clothes

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*The price is the amount per set。

【Masser clothes are a change of clothes for customers to come to customers during treatments such as massage.」です。
You can also use it at beauty salons and chiropractic salonsます。
Easy to wash and recommended for room wear。

This product is a product packed with 16 years of experience by an active salon owner who has been operating a massage salon for 16 years.す。

・Items at mass retailers are quickly replaced。
・Depending on the season, there are only thick ones and short sleeve onesる。
・Hard to dry due to pockets etc.。
・I get hungry depending on the posture of the treatment。
・I don't want to show the size notation。
・Colors that are not noticeable even if they are dirty or faded。

It is a solution to your worries。
It is so easy to wear that customers inquire if they can buy it when using it in an actual store.です。

Please try a special change of clothes such as a massage that can provide a stable supply.。

A feeling of size is loose。


Inventory is constantly changing and may be out of stock at the time of purchase.す。

I'm sorry if the reflection in the store is misplaced。

Material Cotton 35 Polyester 60 Polyurethane 5ポリウレタン:5%


Model wearing size L

Height 175 cm